D90 hit the floor after a Flight accross the room

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      My 6 year old rushed in to the room while i was transfering images from my nikon d90 he tripped on the usbwire sending the camera on a flight of its life time, just like the mars patfinder it bounced as in slow motion and the lens split from the body upon the third “bounce” never to be firmly attached again 🙁

      a tiny sliver of a plastic that holds the lens in place , chipped off

      the camera works when the lens if firmly held in place but the moment u take away your hand .. it falls off .

      it has been a sad day in the house today 😉 … he said .. oops , sorry papa … ” you wanna play wii with me ?” 🙂 …

      any idea if plastic bits off of lenses get repaired ?

      in my case its the kit lens (18-105) that comes with the d90

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      if it’s the lens that got damaged and not the lens mount on the body, then just buy a new lens.

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      by the way, i’ve never said this before on this site because it’s never come up, but always put your camera on the floor. That way it can’t fall off anything.

      Whenever I’d do that, people would always say, “well won’t someone step on it?” Um..no. Not if it’s somewhere where people aren’t frequently walking.

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      I have a hole drilled through my desk and wires neatly hidden…

      just sayin.

      no about that kit lens….

      Nikon and Canon kit lenses are designed to force you to upgrade, and if you think it took good pictures before, wait till you see what it can do with better glass!

      get a fast fifty and a newer better zoom, you won’t regrett it.

      the lens can be fixed if only the mount is broken, but I’d be more concerned about the body, and would pay to have it serviced and cleaned and checked out. take it to a camera store and try out some new lenses at the very least to make sure it’s working right.

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      I’m sorry you had this happen but it’s a lesson people never seem to learn. Kids / production equipment x accident potential = your damaged equipment. Little kids are the worst in that just by virtue of who and what they are will through no (fully intended) malice will wreck your gear and offer you no recourse but to buy new gear. (Though you could hold it against them when they start getting an allowance….)

      D0n’s suggestion is a very good one. Another is how a friend of mine literally put a ‘fence’ around her work area to avoid such spontaneous bouts of destruction. I took a page from my mother and had all my stuff in a room that was ‘off limits’. Everything was arranged in a way so ‘little inquisitive hands’ couldn’t pull anything off of shelves or off the desks. It was a pain setting it up including the lock on the door for which only I had the key. However, none of my gear ever got broken (by the kids anyway.)

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