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    I have been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0 on my computer Dell Inspiron laptop and editing Sony camcorder clips with pretty good results. Things have changed. We recently purchased a Nikon D7000 and I’m finding the clips to be ‘jumpy’ when in the editing software. I set the camera at 720 HD 30 frames. My laptop is running XP Version 2002. Processor 1.70GHz; 1.23 GB RAM. I realize the company should upgrade the laptop. What I’m trying to is find either a reasonably priced laptop (PC because all our software is PC) or better handle the MOV files. A Dell product would be great because the company has Dell account but I’m willing to find anything that works better. Or if somebody has a suggestion that would be great because I’d rather not see our business manager jump out the window when I give her the costs. Thank

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    2.2GHz Core2Duo 2GB RAM 7200rpm HDD

    found mine for cheap off of ebay

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