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      What would you consider a reasonable amount of time to receive a response from customer service. Or lack of.

      I presented a concern with my subscription to customer service on 05-12-07 and it has been listed as pending since the Monday following the question. Does anyone consider 10 days unreasonable? And I would not think that vacation season has started yet.

      In this same vein, I support many different computers and printers and have found that using online services for support is about as satisfactory as using E-mail for my suscription inquiry with VM. I generally prefer to place my phone call and use a speaker phone while waiting. Which is what I probably should have done with VM, but I tried the recommended route.


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      i have a samsung camcorder but i dont have the softwear how do i dump my mini dv to my computer

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      i usually, after a day or two make an effort to call again; numbers get lost,voice mail sometimes falls through the cracks. it’s usually easier for me to call again than to just get kinda peeved about not hearing back πŸ˜‰

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