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      Anybody see a common theme here?

      Ehy guys im new here and im looking for help. im looking to buy a hd camera and this is what im about to buy and im worried about the sounda nd the fact that it doesnt have an external mic option. and i would really like it if it had that. So if any one has any other recomendations for acameras please let me know. my budget is $250. i know you cant buy much for that price but im just beginning. so thank you and any camera recomendations are welcomed and aprecated.

      I’m looking for a camera that records onto a built-in hard drive. I would like it to have pretty high quality (maybe even HD) but not too expensive. I’m not too picky so anything that meets these standards would be fine.
      Thanks for any help I get.

      This will be my first Prosumer Level camcorder. I am looking to learn the art to eventually complement my wife in her photography business. This camera would transition to be a second camera eventually (fixed shooter at weddings). Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

      I want to be able to download free green screen for the mac. It will be used for live broadcasts over the internet. I just need something that can integrate a background on the spot. This also sorta sounds like a dumb question, but is it possible to do this live in FCP 5.0? Thanks…
      Panasonic DVX100B+Century Optics 0.3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter+Audio Technica AT897+Apple FCP 5.0+Adobe CS4 Master Collection+Apple iMac Computer

      I just went to a JVC HZ-HD30 hard drive type camera to record several hours of video without taking a break. More than the 1 hour
      tapes. This camera is basically useless. See,,,,, its formatted in Fat32. So guess what? Right, the files cant be anything over 19mins in
      length or about 4gb. You have to drop them in the editing software and they don’t sync up. There is a glitch. Fortunately I had a separate
      sound recording device that saved my arse and I was able to layer in a splice right under the sound that dropped out when the “new” file was
      created. So what the hell is it good for? And why would any manufacturer make a camera like this? Are all hard drive cameras
      formatted in fat32? No, it cant be reformatted in NTFS either by camera or by computer. 19 minute files, are you kidding me?

      the main thing i am looking for is a camera that is great at shooting sports. i am planning on producing a “game of the week” type show for the internet/dvd/maybe tv for a youth football conference i coach in. i have a consumer grade camera, but quickly realized how limited i was when my friend’s band wanted me to record a show they were playing.
      i was looking at the sony a1u. from a price vs features standpoint it has most if not all of what i need, but i am concerned about it’s low light sensitivity. some games will be at night, under the lights. a lot of bands play in low light locations, and i have some other stuff i want to do that may happen at night or in some other low light situations. will the camera be ok in these conditions? am i missing something with the cmos sensors and light sensitivity? i need to make a purchase soon so i can familiarize myself with the camera before it’s showtime.

      I’ve been a fan of this community for a couple of years now, but just now I’m beginning to actively participate in the daily interaction with all of you great minds. And I need your help! I’ve been doing some research on purchasing a digital camcorder but I feel like the more options I have the more lost I feel!
      There is one thing I know for sure, though, the sound recording quality must be as best as possible and that has been one of the components I’ve paid close attention to when I’ve been looking for a camera. And on that note, there is an event that I’m planning on following and recording that takes place at night, outdoors with limited lighting! So here comes my problem … what kind of camera is suitable for my “modest” desires!
      I’m looking at a price range up to $500…but if I score from the lottery these days I won’t mind an upgrade.
      Thank you in advance for your kind suggestions. Happy filmmaking!

      Hey guys- I’ve been making YouTube videos for awhile, and I’ve been a Partner for over a year. Lately I’ve been developing a script for a full-length movie, and I’ve cast the actors already (I will co-star in it). However, I have no budget available, and only have three Sony Handycam-sized digital camcorders to use to make the film. I’ll be editing in Adobe After Effects CS4, and I’d like the best definition I can get– all the camcorders will be on the highest-quality setting, of course. I was wondering about video quality and sound quality– is what I’m trying to do even possible? And are there any low-budget video or audio options that I should invest in to make this a reality? Thanks a lot guys.

      The above are recent or current posts listed under “Latest Discussions” in Videomaker Forums. And through the archives there are a host of other and similar posts – all asking questions along the same lines. Low budget, cheap, free, why doesn’t this inexpensive camera/software/editing system do this. Or that. Or anything worth a flip.

      First off, IMHO, EVERY dream is worth pursuing. And, almost ANYTHING can be accomplished with very little – be it equipment cost/quality/levels. So long as the individual or group is willing to invest a LOT in time, effort, energy, resources. Being resourceful and determined, along with some type of education about what it takes and what is/will be needed. The myriad of stumbling blocks and proponents of Murphy’s law. (research, seeking advice from others, perusing forums and information on the web regarding possible solutions – THAT kind of education)

      The primary principal here, I believe, is that to some degree folks seeking to achieve their video production/business dreams or ambitions should certainly AIM HIGH with regards to where they someday would like to be or get to, but need to seriously lower their expectations or raise their budgets in light of where they want to start.

      I started out in the early VHS days. I shppped for the best I could afford (but even then my budget was closer to $1k for a camera) and mistakenly thought all the bells and whistles and built-in effects were an important aspect of my purchase. So, I settled for a Montgomery Ward brand built by Magnavox, that is produced by Panasonic, Mastushita, et al. I initially used start-pause-record-stop editing methods on a couple of consumer decks – not even multiple-head units initially (a far cry from frame or even scene accurate to be sure).

      I “graduated” if that is a valid term to a stacked box system from the early Videonics, using vhs tape with update code and stuff on it, and much, much later added (at a GREAT burden to budget) first one, then later a second, Panasonic AG-1960 “pro-sumer” decks.

      So, I know and understand, about having to work with a low, meager, or NO budget in pursuit of trying to grow in skill, knowledge, business and personal success. I know and understand the frustration of trying to accomplish a work of art using limited components, or trying to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. I get it.

      It is a, what’s the word, “conundrum” or “oxymoron”? Finding the funds, researching the options, splitting hairs, making that potentially upper atmosphere indy production that brings health, wealth, fame and opportunity. Or, on a closer level, personal sense of achievement and accomplishment. Recognition, however, is nice.

      So, while you seek and research, don’t give up on the dream. Just keep in mind that you may have to compromise in one (or more) way or another along the way until you are able to move farther faster, and achieve your ultimate goals and desires. Keep in mind also that perfection is a goal, not a destination. And so far as equipment goes, even the most expensive camera, lens, format, editing system and production operation requires workaround because no matter the price, everything and everybody has its/their limitations.

      And, keep in mind that while determination, resourcefulness and the basic tools will get you started, you will eventually HAVE to aim higher with your budgets in order to achieve your ultimate expectations or dreams.

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      I started out with a little handheld Panasonic DV video camera when DV came out before that I had a VHS camera. My first NLE was viseo explosion and I spent several years working with these two items and learning what I could. I also did a lot of reading going to fourms like this one learning diffrent way of doing things both in the editing world and in the video world. Most all my early work looked cheesy and poorly done, but I feel i have managed to come a long way in video Production. I agree with Earl you have to plan ahead and move ahead if you want to compete in this Business. My equipment is now a lot better I did this by researching and planning and saving to buy what I thought would be nessasary to continue in the business, and I have had to spend some money to get to this point. I have to say with better cameras, and a lot more learning under my belt my videos are looking quite a but better and I am more pleased. Somewhere along the way if a person wants to succed in this business you have to upgrade and aim high. Nice work Earl I always enjoy your post/


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      Oh Man sorry I made a lot of mistakes in the above sorry

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