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CS5 Premiere Pro dropping last bit of audio from AVCHD files

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    Using Premiere Pro CS5 with long AVCHD files question. When shooting long 1 hour plus videos my Panasonic aG-HMC150 creates a new video file at about the 25 minute mark. When editing in Premiere Pro, it drops the last few frames of audio. These are to be professional multi-camera training videos and while I can use both cameras external microphones to solve the problem, it will not work if I only use one camera. Has anyone had this problem and possibly a solution or do I need to call Adobe.

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    I would make the call to adobe. I had something similar when using a transend class 10 card but not my scandisk extreme’s in my VG10. I would get both video and audio dropoutson the transend with long recordings. It wouldn’t always be at the end though. I just chalked it up to a slower writing speed. I’m also copying the files to a HD before importing to PP CS5. Could be hardware but you never know untill you ask.

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    I found out that you have to save the whole AVCHD file and
    not just the clips to your hard drive. When you open up the media browser in
    Premiere Pro and navigate to the folder the AVCHD file is kept in it will show it
    as one continual clip without being cut apart. I hope this helps anyone else having
    this problem. The link that informed me of my error is at
    Hopefully, if you have the same problem I hope this helps.

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    Good to know!

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