CS5 audio synch and other problems w/HDV

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I have recently installed the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, upgrading from CS4, and I am having some annoying issues with the audio. I always use HDV footage.

The problem is that when I import the footage, sometimes (and the problem is that is the issue is ramdom!):

- some parts of the video imported are muted. For eg., if a sequence is 3 minutes, maybe at minute 2 it becomes muted.

- sometimes, the audio is not synch with the video, although it has the same time lenght.

Surprisingly, the raw capture failes from the camera are OK. Good sound always.

Now I have to import the raw in Movie Maker (Yes!), export the sound only and import the sound in CS5, but this is nonsense!

Any ideas???

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It seems that some kind of bug Premiere has (like you mentioned it happens randomly). I have experience that several times and all I do is export the audio from the video in .wav and then link the new audio with the video in Premiere. Its kind of troublesome, but it fix the problem. That happens with some video formats, not sure which ones (I haven't have this problem with AVCHD Raw footage)


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