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      Pixel Panic

      I’m a member of a student club at a college. We recently purchased a new 8-core Mac Pro tower with 8 GB of RAM. I installed the CS4 Production Premium Suite. I down loaded and installed the Premiere Pro Update 4.0.1When I did that, this happened:

      After importing video:
      1. the “HDV” option for capturing video disappeared. I was only offered”QuickTime”2. the “iSight” video camera (built into the monitor) came on and stayedon3. If I would go to do video capture in Premiere, I would see andrecord yourself; not the video preview from the VCR.4. The on-screen controls to the VCR would be grayed out – so I couldn’tuse them
      After re-installing Premiere Pro those problems disappeared, Now there isa new problem…
      Now, If I capture video into Premiere and then put the video on the timeline, I will:
      1. see the video and the audio wave forms on the time line – as usual2. be able to “Scrub the video” (slide the indicator side-to-side and seethe progression of the video images) – as usual

      good so far, BUT
      When I click on “Play” the indicator stays frozen and the video doesn’tplay.

      I was able to capture myself onto video by using the iMovie software andthe on board iSight camera and was able to play it back with good audioquality. So it’s not a hardware problem – its a software problem (Between PremierePro and the Snow Leopard Operating System).
      I tried removing the CS4 suite by using its uninstaller in its own program folder, then using Adobe’s Cleaner tools for CS4 & CS5 and re-installing the Premiere Suite, renewing software permissions – but it didn’t fix the problem.
      I must admit that I wasn’t bright enough to “think ahead” and aquire any documentation that would give specific instructions on how to remove the update – should a problem arise later. That documentation is also missing from the downloaded installer package.
      If one uninstalls the CS4 Suite, does that also automatically remove its updates too? Do software updates ( in Snow Leopard) stay resident – even if you remove the core program? If they do, how does one locate all their files and remove them? Do I have to go to the extreme move of re-installing Snow Leopard O.S. to get rid of the problem?

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