CS4 "end of file" error

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I am trying to create a DVD with Adobe Encore CS4. When I click "built", the program
will crash after ca. 3GB of 8GB are written and a message pops up just
saying "end of file".

I checked the project but there are no problems. I selected "dual layer
8,54GB", layer break on automatic. I tried burning directly to a dual
layer DVD and I tried to create a DVD Folder on my hard drive first. I
have no clue where to start seeking for a solution for this problem.

Can anyone help me?

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That sounds like a FAT32 file size issue or your file may be damaged. Do you create an image file prior to burning or are you trying to burn straight to DVD? If the file is damaged, your bet is to just reexport the file from premiere and try to build again.

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