CS4 encoding error, please help

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      Hello everyone,

      I am brand new to this forum as of like 5 minutes ago. I have a project I need to get finished and ran into a encoding/compiling error.

      Here’s the deal:

      I am making a wedding video that I filmed. I would say 85% of it was shot onto mini HDV while the rest was done with a camera that uses AVCHD. The problem came when I exported the ceremony clip. We shot the ceremony with both cameras (both formats). CS4 let me bring import both into my timeline and i worked with both without a problem. Come time to encode and I get an “unknown error”. I realized that it was saving the video up to the point where the AVCHD format first shows up. Sooo i copied my work and in the copy took out all the AVCHD material and walla .. it encoded.

      My question/problem:

      Is there any export settings or sequence settings that will allow me to have both formats in my timeline and still be able to encode the movie/scene? Or is this even my problem? Feel free to let me know what I am doing wrong or where imisspoke; I have been away from the movie editing hobby for a long time..



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      n/m I was wrong about removing the avchd content. The compiler still ran into a problem when exporting just the Sony HDV stuff.. this was my most recent error:

      – Source File: …Raju2_3.prproj- Output File: ….Sequence 03.avi- Preset Used: NTSC DV- Video: 720×480, 29.97 [fps], Lower, Quality 100- Audio: 48000 Hz, Stereo, 16 bit- Bitrate:- Encoding Time: 00:11:4403/12/2009 3:26:46 PM : Encoding Failed—————————————–Error compiling movie.
      Unknown error.

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