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      I am new to video editing but a veteran Photoshop user. I know what cropping is and how to do it…taking an image, zooming into the portion you wish to convey visualy and cut…voila!

      However, using Final Cut Express which I just started using, I cannot find a way to crop-out, yet retain the same aspect ratio a piece of the original video. Is there a way to do this?

      Example: filmed myself doing a painting demonstration, but my reading notes can be seen on one little edge of the clip. Is there a way to crop that out of the entire clip without refilming?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.

      All the Best, Diane

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      I think most video editors will allow you to zoom in, thus eliminating part of the frame. Of course, that means the result won’t be quite as sharp, since you’re using a smaller part of the original frame to fill up the final frame.

      Another possibility is to superimpose a small logo over the area you want to hide. (Or maybe even superimpose an image of a noteless table!) Most video editors have some sort of keying feature, which allows you to superimpose that part of a graphic or video which is not a specific color. (You’ve probably heard of ChromaKey, VidiKey, Blue Screen, or Green Screen.) Once you learn how to do compositing (combining several images) with your editor, you’ll think all sorts of situations where compositing can be applied.

      Ken Hull

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