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      I’m working on some photography "how to" videos. The podcast versions will available on our website and through Itunes starting mid July. This link is to a page with a music piece I created for my podcast intro. Please tell me what you guys think. I’m open to suggestions on content for the new videos also. (my first 3 months worth are already storyboarded and filming on #1 has begun)

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      Hey ;0

      Solid piece of work; well done.

      Small hand looks like a little face; that’s appealing.

      Could not enlarge on my machine, so could not read text at bottom.

      Audio zzzoom at end is very effective. In your creative decision process, did you try and see if this worked at the beginning as well?

      For the Toshiba laptop I am using, the bass was definitely rattling my internal speakers. Could just be my system, but make sure you are not cruising in the red zone. Level needs to be aware of lowest common denominator rule, then it’s up to you to make confetti of that rule if you choose.

      I enjoyed your piece.

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Thank you for the feedback.
      The image is our company logo, but I may choose to add other image/video clips, beat synched to the bass. also a brief voice overlay.
      I mostly wanted to find out if people thought the tune sucked….I wanted one that would stick in your head…but not drive you completely insane!
      the unreadable part at the bottom is irrelevent for now.

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