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      I know in the credits of a motion picture you see “whatever films present.” Sometimes these trademarks take up to 5 years to acquire. If you have your own website and own the domain name could you put something like “ presents” and not have to worry about getting a trademark because you own the domain name? Any help is appreciated.

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      Like copyrights, a trademark does not have to be registered to be legal. If you can place a TM next to our logo to show it is yours, you own the trademark. When you register a trademark, which I beleive costs $50/year with the federal gov’t (and I never heard anything about it taking 5 years) then you can place the R in a circle.

      A trade name is different. In order to operate under a business name in your state (other than just your name) then you have to register a trade name with the state. In Colorado it costs $8/year and takes about 5 minutes at the department of revenue (where you get your drivers license). When you register your trade name, nobody else can operate under that name in your state.

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      I forgot one aspect about the TM. I forgot to mention that I wanted to use it on a national/ worldwide level. Sorry about leaving that detail out. What would you suggest in regards to this level as far as registering and researching to see if there are any others using the name. I’m shooting for worldwide distribution. Any info helps.

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