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      I’m working on an industrial DVD in FCP that uses stills and graphics I have created. I created it as a standard NTSC video, but now the client wants it to be played on high quality widescreen monitors, but not HD.

      I have researched different FCP tech sites, and so far this is what I am trying:
      Make a new file / sequence set to Anamorhic 16:9, copy and paste my existing 3:2 file into it, change all aspect ratios from -12.5 to 16 (some say 12, some say 20??) I think 16 looks right in the viewer. Stretch and adjust layers to fit extra width. Export as 16:9 DV.

      Is this the best way to do this?? I’m in a crunch with the client expecting something tomorrow. Ugh.

      Please let me know if you have any techniques that work!

      Kurt Ritta

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      Have you tried puttling a wide screen matt over the whole project? I’ve done that before, but you might have to move a few clips up or down so that you don’t cut any heads off.

      Just a thought…. πŸ˜€

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      Thanks for the reply,
      The video is created in widescreen format – 853 x 480, and I exported it as a Quicktime DV with Anamorphic clicked on. It comes up squeezed on a regular monitor, which is right, but I want to make sure it stretches on a true widescreen TV, with no bars – or minimal. I guess it’s testing, testing, testing!

      Just want some definitive answers on:

      Video export format from FCP, and
      iDVD/DVD Pro import format…

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      I know this is too late for your deadline, but what version of FCP do you use?

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