Creating DVDs from VHS tapes

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Please help.

I want to copy all my old VHS tapes to DVDs and believe that I did do one about 6 years ago ago.

I'm not sure what video editing software I used as I had and still have Ulead VideoStudio 5 and Ulead VidoeStudio 6 SE DVD. It may have been Pinnacle Studio 8 borrowed from a friend. Also I've forgotten what connections I need from VHS recorder/player to my PC. IIRC I used a Scart adapter from the VHS player, maybe the SVHS connecter via cable lead to SVHS connecter on appropriate desktop PC's PCI card. Stupid me having lost the info about that PCI card. Guess I need to take it out of the PC, put a photo on the web and ask forum members their advice.

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I have a JVC miniDV/VHS deck that has firewire. With that I am able to connect to Final Cut Pro and change the options in FCP to "non-controllabledevice". VHS is analog so it has to be set to "non-controllable device." From there I would press play on my deck and click on the "Capture Now" button to allow for real-time capture.Hopefully you have something like that in your program.

If you do not have a firewire deck you may need to purchase an RCA to firewire converter. You would connect the VCR to the converter with the RCA wires and then connect the converter to your computer with a Firewire.

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If all you're looking to do is copy the VHS tapes to DVD without editing you could just buy a dual DVD/VHS recorder. I got one (a Sony) for about $160 and it has one button copying (as well as RCA inputs for external sources, like my old 8mm videocamera). Very simple for just copying to DVD.

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Using a dvd recorder is a very easy way to do it. If you want fancy menus and such, most of the software programs offer dvd authoring. I use Pinnacle 12 Ultimate and like the freedom for chapters it gives.