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      So I shot a friend’s wedding andnow I’m editing it. Should I seperate the wedding into to sequences to burn onto the DVD, the ceremony and then the reception (which includes several interviews, first dances, toasts, etc). Or should I chop it up so each “section” has it’s own seperate file on the DVD (so the interviews are seperate, the toasts are seperate, there’s a general overview of the reception, the ceremony is seperate, etc)?


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      In my opinion, it would be best have the ceremony and then have if flow into the reception all like one big video, then make chapters where you feel best. I think ideally you want your client to be able to pop in the DVD and watch it all strait through but also have the option to choose chapters at the Main Menu. I guess to make an example, you have the main menu with a few buttons. There could be a “Play All” button, “Ceremony,” “Interviews,” Blah blah blah”

      Does that answer your question?

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      Here is what I do: I try not to put more than one hour on a disc. So I put the church ceremony on one disc and the reception on another. For each disc I put a menu each with about ten to twelve buttons. I use text for the buttons. My Disc One would have such buttons as Processional, First Reading, Homily, Vows, Exchange of Rings, Recessional etc. The Disc Two would have such buttons as : Arrival of the couple into the reception hall, Bestman, Chief Bridesmaid, names of speakers, Cake, First Dance, Garter Toss, Bouquet Toss, Interviews etc. By hitting the default play all button the whole sequence will play without stopping.

      I edit the Church ceremony separate from the Reception. So I have two separate “sequences” which I encode separately. When encoding, use Variable Bit Rate (VBR), with two passes, if you want the best quality. I use a software called TMPG for encoding and for authoring and burning I use ULead DVD Workshop. If you have Premiere CS 3 you don’t need any other software.

      As a bonus I shoot digital stills while the couple and their friends and family are posing for the photographer. (I try to be unobstrusive) I then use the pictures in the “Pan and Zoom” effect in my editing software cutting them to the beat of a popular song by Enya. Hope I was of some help.

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      I create a “Story” or highlights reel and edit ruthlessly to create a short video, using video and stills.

      I put that, plus the ceremony on one dvd.

      I put that and a full length video , broken down into chapters onto an Apple tv so the customer gets the long version and the highlights reel in hidef, and can jump ahead, by chapter if they want to.

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      We give our clients a “full version” which is a “live” version of the days events. We are generally able to truncate all of our video (2-3 hours worth)down to about 1 hour. We also do a highlight montage – taking all the footage & creating a movie-like emotional piece. This is set to music, and may include slow-mo, black & white, and other effects & is usually about 5-8 minutes long.

      We used to bookmark all of the “sections”, but found that most viewers wouldn’t have any reason to go back & watch just the vows or poetry readings. If they did, it wouldn’t take much to fast forward to the part they want to watch. We tag only the main elements…pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, and guest interviews. We include both the full version & the montage on one disc with bookmarks for those sections too.

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      great info guys ! ! ! ! ! !

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      My friend edits the wedding videos I shoot. He usually makes it1,5 hour longon 1 DVD. It includes groom’s house, bride’s house, Ceremony, photo session and reception. If the speeches during reception are too long, or if there are too many speeches, they would go on the separate 2nd DVD for an extra charge.

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      Definitely create a story with your shots. A good friend of mine does wedding videos this way. Gives it a much smoother look overall. Also He throws in a dvd of the best raw footage in case they ever want to get more, he leaves them a card, if they want to edit more video than what he produces. He ussually takes only an hour and a half of footage for the final shot. Something interesting he did at the last wedding was he met up with the couple after their honeymoon and they were able to send a thank you to all those who attended the wedding, which made it possible to sell the dvd to the family to give out to friends and family. This is a great way to make it not only for the couple, but also for those who attended the wedding, like close family. Hope this helps,


      Also, check to make sure all your footage color and lighting equals up (this is something you should set before you film, but can still be done afterwards, its just a hassle) This will help the video to flow.

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