Creating a wavy, transparent, dreamlike effect?

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      Hey guys,

      I realize this is a very noob question of me. But i want to take a video clip, and have it projected transparently onto smoke for a dream like sequence. Im not 100% committed to the smoke part. I just really want the video to be wavy, sort of transparent, and moving. So i was wondering if there are any plug ins that would make setting that up easier? Or if anybody could tell me how to do it. I would be using after effects or premiere pro cs5.

      I realize im asking an extremely complicated question, but if you could even just point me in the right direction id truly appreciate it.

      Thanks guys!

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      I’d check for a “water” effect (or one with the word water) in your NLE, or search Google for one. You can also check and see if it has smoke effect.

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      Grinner Hester

      there are many flag/wave plugins for AE and you can apply them to video, getting specular hilights and shadows with just a click. As for the smoke, you can always shoot some white smoke over black and key it. You can also create and animate smoke by using particle illusion or other particle plugins.

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      Film some smoke rising on a black backdrop, use this as a luminance mask on the clip you have in mind

      The principle will apply in any NLE

      Smoke clips as a displacement and luminance mask on your video clip, then composite this as DODGE onto the smoke clip. Hope this helps you moxyman

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