Covert Old VHS tape to DVD (analog-to-digital conversion)

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I see people advertise converting VHS tapes to DVD. What's the procedure for this other than plugging your Video player into a DVD recorder. I assume that the professionals use a more hi tech way of doing it?

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In the <font color="#8f0007">Combining Two Different formats into one DVD</font>thread I posted:

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My full time job is in Law Enforcement.
We use VHSrecording devicesinour police units, and I needed to copy that footage for court.

So, what I did was play the police car video on the TV and recorded theVHS footage on to my Hi8 camcorder. Then pluggedthe Hi8 camcorder into mycomputer and imported the footage.

What your doing is used a camcorder as a bridge between analog and digital.

Editied the footage to reg and slo-motion and produced it onto a DVD.

It worked great!

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Depending on your PC's editing capabilities, you might be able to hook your VCR directly to yor computer and capture the video. You can then edit it and create a DVD with chapters.

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That seems to be more steps than necessary, to record it to a 2nd camera then to the computer. You can get a 40-100$ PCI or USB 2 for video capture card / device or a video card with inputs (like the ati all in wonder series)that you can plug the VCR into and recored right from the vcr to the computer. Then it can be edited, combined, saved for later, etc. and recorded to a dvd. Or get a dvd recorder from bestbuy, walmart, etc for 80$ and plug you vcr into it and copy right from tape to dvd. They have limited(depending on price) or no picture enhancement though.

When you use a computer, you can do contrast and color adjustments, noise and static removal and sharpen the picture, to get a picture maybe better than the original tape. The original VHS tape only has a resolution of about 320 lines(about as the same qulaity as a youtube video) , the dvd will be about 480, so a computer can help enhance the resolution somewhat. The professionals I would think have purpose built computers to do the same thing, so they could do it much faster and with more automation.

Ive copied a few old tapes to computer for movies never came out on dvd. I just used a PCI capture card and went from the vcr to the computer, ran some filters to improve the picture and saved it.

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Thanks for your replies I have ordered an Analog- to- DV converter. See how I go from there.