Cost estimates to have GL2 hot shoe and zoom rocker repaired?

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      I’m looking at a used GL2 with a Canon XLR adapter and Shotgun mic as well as some other treats but the hot shoe connection is intermittent. I tested the adapter and the mic on another cam’s hot shoe and it works fine.

      The main zoom rocker doesn’t work but the mini one up front does.

      Any ideas as to how much I should expect to pay to have the zoom rocker and hot shoe repaired/replaced?


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      In addition to theaboveinfo – can anyone recommend a company or individual for repair / cleaning of a GL2? Mine is starting to show the infamous tape deck problems.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Canon has a major repair center in Irvine, California. Though local to me, I’m sure they accept shipped repairs and also respond to inquiries regarding costs for various services and repairs. Canon Link.

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      Thanks Earl!

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