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      Hello Everyone, just wanted to post a
      video we just wrapped up. This video was shot on the Sony EX1 with a
      teleprompter and green screen. We used various jump-backs and music to move the
      video along.

      This part one of a series of videos
      and will be used for their website and office. Very interesting stuff on
      Chiropractic care.


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      Great production with quality lighting, audio and presentation. Bullets and cutaways well-planned and chosen. I personally found the moving ribcages a bit distracting and likely would have used a lesser anatomically-focused background.

      Your support graphics were excellent.

      I watched it through, both due to my personal interest of this subject, and to qualify my response but I have to tell you that though I understand the need for the TOTAL message it is VERY close to being too long. I suspect that the video WILL lure people who already have a related problem and are looking for answers. But I think the casual visitor will not stay for the whole show.

      Great work.

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      Thanks Earl for the feedback. The video is a little long. However we’re primarily going to be using it for office use and training. I should think about a web version.


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      Pretty good presentation… I only had one problem with it. The music bed has a problem at 53 seconds in, sounds like the music has a hard stop where it shouldn’t and lasts for about 3.5 seconds. Otherwise, nice job.


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      I do love the DJ background – I’ve used it myself.

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      Really good job on the video Ben!

      I really like that when the guy speaks he sounds trustworthy – makes me believe he truly cares. Nicebackgroundfootage and I think the music fits the video well, although it’s not my kind of tune (hey can’t satisfy every taste, as long as you satisfy most of them :).

      I’d cut the video short though, keep in mind that our species have extremely short attention span!

      Thumbs up! πŸ™‚


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      Grinner Hester

      I found the bones inhis background distracting. I didn’t mind the juice backgrounds under text. Kind of wondering why you opted to key him at all. If ya add s-linear curves to your text animations, they’ll come in and land much smoother. Watch your spill. We can see green spill on the chiro and as long as you are fixin’ that, he could use some color and contrast. I agree 4:30 is long. Ultimately, this is your clients call but always remind them less is more.

      Overall, I’m sure he liked it.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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