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      I’ve been enjoying this forum and have read a gazillion requests for help choosing a camcorder and none of them seem to be exactly what I need….so, here’s what I need and I’d appreciate advice.

      I work for a company that makes high-speed equipment. I’ve been doing the videography myself since about 2000. I have a great computer for it, work with Premier Pro, but my camcorder is old and dated (Sony Handycam DCR-PC5). I’ve loved it, easy to use and takes decent video, but I want better!

      Since nearly all of our customers will take my DVD and watch it on their computers, I don’t think I want HD (anyone disagree with that?). HD seems like it’s needless camera expense and also takes more memory in my computer which would be worthwhile if viewed on an HD monitor, but I don’t think it will.

      Areas that I’d like to improve on is overall picture quality, steadiness, and ability to shoot in less than ideal lighting (factory-setting). The machine moves fast so it has to be able to lots of motion as well. Since I like to edit in Premiere, I want to stick with the very-editable Mini-DV format. Microphone isn’t important since I nearly always do a complete voiceover.

      I’m open to older, used cameras and have been looking on Ebay. After looking on this site for a while, it seems like I can’t go wrong with Canon XL2, Panasonic AG-DVC30 or 60, or Sony VX2100. Am I headed in the right direction? I am very new to normal camera stuff like manual focus, so I’m hoping for something as automated as possible. Thanks for your help!

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      The Sony VX2100 sounds perfect for you. Easy to use, great picture, shoots well under low light…it’s just an awesome camera. I recommend the Sony PD170 over the VX2100 though. They are the exact same camera except the PD170 has built in XLR connections. I know you said the mic isn’t important because you do voice overs, but you never know. Maybe one day you will need to connect a lav. to someone, and fiddling around with an XLR adapters is annoying IMO.

      So the VX2100 and PD170 sound perfect for you. I’d look for use ones off Craig’s List so that you can meet in-person with the seller to make sure the camera works properly. You may get lucky and find a someone who is selling there SD stuff so they can make the move to HD. It will be cheaper than buying a new one, which are around 3 grand.

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      Thank you for the advice, Rob. I really appreciate it!

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      I guess I have one more question! I’ve found a VX 2000. Do you know how this camera compares to the 2100?

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      I don’t know the exact differences, but I think they are very similar. I don’t think you will be unsatisfied with the image quality of the VX2000.

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      The VX2000 and VX 2100 are practically the same camera….

      The VX2000 is actually just slightly smaller than the VX2100 but you can’t notice.

      The VX2000 comes with a 4mb memeory card for photos and the VX2100 comes with an 8mb memory card.

      You can still put an 8mb card in the VX2000 so this difference really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme…plus both cameras only take 640×480 STILL photos, I never take photos with these cameras.

      Themain difference is that the VX2000 has a minimum illumination of 1 lux….The VX2100 has a minimum illumination of 2 lux.

      1 lux is better, but again, I don’t think this feature will matter too much for you, especially if you have just a little bit of light. (2 candles lit in a small room)

      Overall, I’m particular to the VX2000, but go with the one for which you can find theBEST price…

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