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      i dont know enough about Xeons to tell you the diffrence really, i apoligize

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      πŸ˜• Hi

      I was just about to place my oder for a new computer built around a dual opteron 270. (ive managed o get a budget of $2500 including monitors)

      My freind just advised me that im better of build a system around a core2 or go for the dual xeon 5140? and then wait for AMD to release quad core next year q1.

      The last thing is want to do is build a new system that will be obsolete/overshadowed within a year.

      Will be using the system for Video editing real time, large amount of rendering and DVD encoding from VHS. 😯

      Any Help will be appreciated

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      if you want to wait for quad core do that, it not, get a dual opteron system with dual cores like the 285 the only problem there is its like 1100 dollars per chip, so that about eats your entire budget, id go for 2x opteron 252’s just becuase its a much better platform than the older Xeon’s which dont have an onboard memory controler. Core2 will give you two cores on a single chip, but, this dosent mean its faster, as they will still be sharing the same bus and memory. As long as you are getting an opteron board that has multiple memory banks, one for each chip, like a few of the tyan boards, its been so long since i looked at opteron boards im not sure whatelse is out there.

      just some thoughts

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      OK then, what would recommed if you were to go down the dual -dual core road

      2 x 265 Opterons dual core


      2 X 5130 XEON Dual core


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