Copyright, Trademark guide for your videos?

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can anyone direct me to a good link, website ...etc to learn about copyright ,trademark use in your videos?

I was thinking to do a few car reviews and use it to monetize on youtube or my own website but really need to learn basics and more what can be used in my footage without potential copywright, trademark problems.

or lets say I want to do a GoPro camera review and the footage might include its logo on the box or so

any advice would help to move forward

Thank You in Advance

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You sound like you're getting into a fun line of work, these links may be of interest to you:

1) an article on product placement,

2) Fair use,

3) this one's from a past post, and deals more with subjects appearing on your video while in a public setting

Good luck with your shooting, and hopefully there's more we can help you with.