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      A church youth camp approached me last night and asked if I could make a video including some footage from the movie “Independence Day”. Here’s the email :

      It would taking some video from movies such as indepence day and taken, where there are about to be Alien Encounters, where they are looking up to the sky, but never seeing aliens of course and then the screen go black with a flash and then the word encounter appears and fade away and then see someone limping off in a field.

      Is there a way to legally do this? Would it be much easier getting some cast members to look up in shock and awe seeing the “aliens”.

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      The only legal way to use this type of copyrighted footage is getting permission from the producer and probably payinga royalty fee to use it. You could try contacting the owner, but it would most likely be easier toround up some actors for a rather simple scene.

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      If you did it as a parody, you might get away with using some clips.

      Note – I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV – If you really need to know for sure, you should consult with an intellectual property attorney.

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