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      I’m wanting to do an athletic highlight video for profit. I will be using my own footage and making my own music. I am wanting to know if I would be breaking any copyright laws if I used sound bytes of excited announcers or commentators that I may here on espn or NFL Film, etc. For example, the little league quarterback drops back to pass. Throws a tight spiral to the receiver. The receiver makes an awesome catch for the touchdown. When he makes the awesome catch I put in place a sound byte from NFL films of one of the announcers or commentators saying “He made the grab, oh my God I don’t believe it!” By me useing that sound byte do I break copyright laws against NFL Films, Sportscenter or any program that I got the sound byte from?

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      “Use of any portion of this broadcast without the expressed written permission……”

      I would think that you need to get permission to use a cut, no matter the length or content.

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      I agree with johnboy! You would have to get permission for that!

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      Copyright is definitely required there.

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