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      I was wondering how a to deal with possible copyright issues by soundtracking a clients wedding with any ole song they choose? Is there a process by which to obtain the rights and permissionuse the music they want, or do you just soundtrack the wedding and not worry about?

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      Videomaker had a great article on this:

      Cool id pic, btw. Very Maiden-esque.

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      Thanks. The article answered some my question. It sounds that many videographers just add whatever music they want, but that one should really try to gain licensing. And, yes, the picture is Eddie! up the irons. your name doesn’t have anything to do with dave mustaine does it?

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      Holy cow, no one ever picked up on the Dave Mustaine reference before with my name–I’ve used it for years with ebay and about every other site and you’re the first. Pretty cool. Yep, you guessed it right.

      Glad you found the article useful.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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