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      I am a teacher, and I want to know more about Copyright law with regard to audio and video reproduction for a classroom project. I was told that I can use 30 seconds as long as I credit the artist. Is this true?

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      None of us are copyright lawyers, so your real best bet is to check out (I think… Google it.)

      My guess is that it is illegal without written permission. However, I have seen it done where I go to school, so…

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      The world needs teachers who work with their studients. I wouldn’t want to see you in trouble.

      Please go to Club Vid at the top of this page (you will need the password from a current VideoMaker print issue). Do a search with the word “Legal”
      and find the article “Copyright: Legal Issues You Need to Know” by Mark Levy, January, 2003. This is a very good overview.

      My rule is Just Say No to commercial music.


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      The copyright law has a “fair use” section. The last time I looked I believe fair use allowed one time use, for education, and only for a closed audience. However things still get muddy on fair use.

      The suggestion that you avoid commercial music and go with royalty free/production music is very sound advice.

      Considering all the flack over Napster and file sharing you have no guarentee that someone won’t take your production and send it around the world via internet, etc. At the rate things are going with the lawsuits over copyrighted music and video/film even the best intentions on your part probably won’t keep you and/or students and/or school from a gigantic hassle.

      Look into royalty free/production music. Better safe than sorry. There have been several posts about this is the audio/sound section. You can probably get some good info there.

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