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      Don’t we just seethe at the thought of them making copies of our DVDs and passing them around.

      There are at least two programs designed to erase DVDs by overwriting or scrambling the Lead-In area of a DVD. Asus’s E-Hammer and Liteon’s SmartErase are the two I know of.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the program scrambled or over wrote the Lead-Out section of a DVD instead.

      The result would be a player playable but computer uncopyable DVD.

      I don’t know squat about how to accomplish this and the two programs don’t have apparent authors. Anyone wishing to persue this idea with the view to making our DVDs harder to steal?

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      As you both have said, copy protection of copyright work is at best a slight deterrent, at worst an ulcer-producing, headache-causing, frustration-inducing problem of nightmare proportions. Well, I DID say “at worst” πŸ™‚

      IMHO, if I am producing thousands-to-millions of copies of a commercial work, while a 1-to-5 percent shrinkage of product income due to piracy can be significant, I can price my product to compensate me for that loss. I can also go with any number of copy protection schemes, a bank of lawyers and the courts in an attempt to recoup or mitigate the abuse and my losses – not an exceptionally effective way of doing business, protecting my copyright, or eliminating the problem.

      Because, again, as both of you indicate, it appears that there is and will be NO guaranteed way to prevent those who know how and want to from doing so – and that, Charles, even extends to electronic delivery.

      To one degree or another those who WANT to can and will devise a way. Like locked doors and windows – they keep the honest people honest. For everyone else there’s a break-in tool. Again, it will be the same with electronic delivery regardless of assigned passwords, special clearance, watermarking or deep-dish encryption involving keys and codes beyond my humble comprehension.

      Friendly, curious or evil hackers and pirates will devise a way to get over, under, through or around our copyright protection efforts.

      That being said…

      Since I do NOT anticipate production and distribution of thousands or millions of a commercially viable copyrighted production: since my productions are likely to not exceed hundreds I have come to accept that a few Grad Night seniors in my videos (for example, there are others as well, but ie: Grad Night) will copy on a branded disk, mark it with a DVD approved marking pen (or not) and pass a few around for his/her friends.

      My answers/solutions? Since it’s gonna happen anyway, fuggidaboudit. Do what I can to keep the honest people honest by watermarking, implementing whatever copy protection schemes I can afford or access, and…

      …last, but not least. package and deliver my product in professional-looking cases with quality printed inserts and DVDs – often customized or personalized. Since I have maintained the quality packaging delivery philosophy with ALL my deliveries my orders/sales have increased more than 50 percent, compared to when I delivered some products packaged less creatively.

      Another thing I do is advanced sales with minimums, hoping to gain a sufficient level of sales that I can mentally write off the ones I know I will lose due to pirating/copying. I also handle point-of-event sales, and delay delivery long enough to pick up a few more stragglers, get the word out about the “awesome” packaging, assuring myself I’ve probably milked that cow for about as much as she’s gonna give.

      My 85-cents.

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      Yeah this is a tough issue.

      As both content creator and entreprenuer the prospect of having my company’s products pirated is unpleasant at best (woe betide the knucklehead I catch peddling my dvd’s out his trunk….) I want to protect my product to the most reasonable extent, but when I’m shovelling over the same or more cash to protect my interests as it’s bringing in, what’s the point?

      Earl you called it loud ‘n clear. There have always been theives. All the way from the kid that apple stuck to as he walked past the fruit stand all the way up to the studio execs that made a killing off something they stole from some poor slob. Back when cassette tapes were prevalent, I can’t think of anyone who didn’t record the radio, albums or other tapes. It was piracy back then too. Now, it’s a control issue. But you’re not going to get control. Yeah, you’ll set up more stuff that will make it that much more of a hassle for potential customers to get your product and make it cost more. Yay….

      Though streaming has its major upside, again Earl called it on the money. I hated the change over from LP’s to CD’s. Yeah, CD sound was awesome but we used to hang those great album jackets on the walls. Anyone remember ‘liner notes’? They were the LP’s version of DVD ‘special features’. Like everyone else, I got used to the smaller CD covers but when mp3’s became the rage I let it pass. I can’t get gassed up about downloading dollar songs off iTunes or any of those other outfits. There is ‘something’ about getting the ‘package’ in your hands. I see it in my customers eyes when I personally make the delivery of the ‘bag’ with the customized cases and whatever extras I throw in. They spend a lot of money so I think ensuring they have that feeling is a requirement.

      One thing for sure is the thought process behind it is changing. More and more people are willing to accept ‘less’ for their money. My thing is, once the power goes off what do you really have? Far as the pirates go, you’re not going to fully discourage the average person from copying and unless you’re prepared to invade a sovereign nation you’re not going to stop the armies of well organized and financed pirates either. I’m too busy trying to keep from getting ripped off from my competitors, distributors and the studios to worry about pirates!

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