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      i’m making a wedding video and using this adobe for the first time for this purpose. Before I used pinnacle titanium. I am interested in copying a part of audio from a previous video clip to use in a later clip like as a voice over. Pretty much, I want to have the bride & groom’s voices of their vows being said come over the music of their last dance. Anyone have any suggestions??? looked everywhere without much luck.

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      After doing a little bit of research, I came across the help index for Adobe Premiere. Export the audio as a file, re-import it, and place it under the new video clip.

      Extract audio from video clips

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      Which Adobe Premiere are you using Pro or Elements?

      In Premiere Pro just select the clip in your project window and go to Clip>Audio Options>Extract Audio

      This will strip the audio from the selected clip and make a new audio file from it.

      You can also just drag the clip to the time line and delete it’s vidoe track. Right click on the video clip on your timeline and choose unlink from the menu that pops up. Deselect the clips by clicking on an empty area of your time line and then click on the video clip. You can then delete it, and trim the audio to the length you need it.

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      What jerronsmith tells is what you have to do. I dont know a bout Adobe element but I think it can be done in all adobes…

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      worked like a charm…thanks!!!

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