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      I really have NO idea where to post this, or how to classify it. Essentially, this is something I’ve hinted/suggested previously and only one forum reader responded in a positive manner, saying it sounded like a GREAT idea. I’m talking about generating a Videomaker Forum Users Stock Footage library.

      With all the regular posters here, all the hobby people, noobieds, wannabes, enthusiasts, experts, know-it-alls, nature lovers and a host of really GREAT regular kind of video people, this forum could be the center for development of a bounty of video ranging from airplanes to zebras.

      Imagine a cooperative where all those who donate and dedicate earn the right to borrow and use, commercially or non-commercially, with non-exclusive and free rights footage that is contributed solely by forum participants and members.

      Is it my imagination or are there enough of us here who could spend time shooting SD and HD footage of this, that and the other, contributing to categories like sunsets, beaches, piers, flowers, animals, birds, insects, people (with model releases, of course) public buildings like old courthouses, etc., landmarks, skylines, aerials, world wide popular and familiar destinations, islands…

      …or creating fonts, Digital Juice type elements and components…graphics, etc.

      The list is infinite. The only thing we’d really need to use caution and care about is that all are honest about the contributions they make, that they created or shot the animations, graphics, or footage themselves, and that they have model releases for anything requiring them.

      Seems there’s a lot of this going on here and there, but that here on the forums we have a HUGE group of video people from novices to experts who could help create a really good library.

      Maybe even organize it such that each month, or bi-monthly, quarterly, whatever, some specific topic, subject or element is established and everybody who wants would work on that for the period, then on to another one.

      Such a library could be awesome and with the only restriction being that only those who contribute use, well seems everybody would get onboard sooner or later.

      Anybody think this is a thing to do, or does it plain suck?

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      I’ve asked this question on many forums over the years – I think it’s a great idea.

      The only caveats we need to address are releases for people (as you mentioned), for products (don’t want Coca Cola breathing down my neck because of a billboard in the background) and possibly for location (think private property like someone’s home, military bases or Area 51).

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      I will go one further…

      make it available to anyone on two conditions:

      you are a contributer, or a magazine subscriber.

      then do the same for sound…

      as for releases two suggestions:

      get the release verbally from models on camera… or include copy of the release readable in the video…

      I don’t imagine me using such a service much… I generally shoot and own everything I use…

      But you never know…

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      I’d recently conducted some research on stock footage libraries for an article and noticed that a lot of the companies offering footage didn’t actually have an easy-to-find specs page listing how the footage was actually provided – download, formats, hard copies on DVD, tape, etc. So I just went back and checked out a few… = couldn’t easily identify, without logging, registering or creating an account, how their footage is provided. = same = same = easy to find a page named “footage delivery options” where I read that I could at least “download” 24/7. Or I can have the footage shipped to me “on disc”, or both. At the FAQs page I could get answers to questions like why their footage is “compressed with Photo-JPEG” where the answer is that it enables them to fit clips on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and notes that “users may need to re-compress the footage with a codec specific to heir hardware or system.” and that Photo-JPEG “is the least destructive of all codecs we’ve tested.” There’s more, but you get the idea… = easy info to find RE: how footage is provided. “Clips are available for immediate download in multiple resolutions: Streaming QuickTime, MPEG1, Sorenson QT…and requires that QT play is available in order to preview clips on the website. Medium rez clips are $14.50 per clip; high rez Sorenson QT, $24.50 per clip…

      The last one I looked at was where its FAQs page led me to “clip formats” and noted their HD clips are “usually shot on a variety of formats” but “almost always delivered in Photo JPEG.” SD clips are usually delivered on either DV or Photo JPEG. The “clip details” page for clips will give the original format shot and/or delivered on. They also offer downloaded versions of their master clips in H.264, Powerpoint QT, Powerpoint WMV and Flash.

      SO, I have to conclude that the probable delivery is PHOTO JPEG, but that many will offer a wide variety of delivery provided you’re serious and hook up with them, delve into their info files or FAQs pages, etc. As you can imagine, the prices are all over the board, as are clip topics and formats.

      I would suspect that if Videomaker forum members wanted to participate a system could be set up to provide the various formats, etc. and that within those categories the various subjects or classifications could be found, either in multiple format options, or whatever single option is available.

      I also suppose that rather than a central clearing house, for now, most would simply add to a centrally available “LIST” under format/subject, then the person looking for something particularly would contact them for order fulfillment – perhaps for shipping costs and on disk.

      Unless, of course, Videomaker powers-that-be eventually were willing to work such a program into their system, probably at some “cost” factor.

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      Solet’s just start supplying footage to initiate the generosity response in all of us…then work out the issues. The heaviest sweat would be on you videomaker folks… but that’s your passion !!!

      Seriously,you need fodder to chew on. For starters, the shooter/providercould check a box that states, “I am the one who shot this stuff” …to show good faith (legally). Future issues addressedas they arise (continuing show of good faith).

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      Sure, sounds like a good idea

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