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      Hello, I’ve done 12 cooking videos in my home and sell them on DVD, but it’s time to up the scale. I want a more professional look so I’m redoing my kitchen.

      Only one problem can I light those shinny granite counter top surfaces??

      Any ideas?

      Should I try lighting it with as much diffusion as possible or will a bit of reflection just add interest??

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      Move the light away from the counter, or close the barn doors, and focus in on the food, or food area.

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      hmm…i feel like there’s a spray paint-like product out there that allows you to apply a clear matte finish to a surface. I’d look into that so you don’t have hot spots on your counter tops. I’m sure it’s at Home Depot.

      Also, if you really want a professional look, you should set up a fake kitchen in a garage or something. And build a lighting grid that’s secured to the ceiling so you can hang your lights.While the cooking shows on TV have a natural look, they look way better than an real kitchen could ever look.

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      with mirrors, glass, chrome, and any other shiny object you light what ever is reflected in the object, not the object itself…

      For shiny granit counter tops, your best bet is to use a large bank of fluorescent panels over head, then spotlights on the food….

      if there’s one thing I know, it is lighting…

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      Really appreciate all the advice. I know many of the kitchens on TV are fake. When they aren’t fake, they use jels on the windows to lower the F-stop, clean up the inside of the cupboards and tape away. It can be done, just a matter of figuring out how. I certainly will not spray granite with anything I can’t be sure of, but I will look into that.

      The bank of florescent panels is where I was heading, I did order a few of those. Thanks for the spot light tip, I’ll check a few of those out too! I have plenty of room for my jib (may use two jibs) if I mount the lights high.

      Here is what my kitchen shows look like currently (Lesson 1 is with only one camera, first time, check out lesson 3 or 4). Hope the new cameras, jib, lights, and kitchen make a much better product, but this is what I am starting with:

      Thanks again everyone.

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      one more tip: angle of incidence equals angle of reflectance.

      Works with bank shots in pool…

      works with lighting angles as well.

      so how you angle those lights will add or hide reflections relative to the camera position.

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      One of the best lighting training dvd’s is Vic Milt’s “Light It Right” – which can be purchased here: .

      VideoMaker also has a dvd (of the same name) for only $25 which is also very good:

      If you want some intensive, in-person training on the subject, VideoMaker is also offering a workshop in May 2011 –

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