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      I have some recorded seminars done via WebEx. They are ARF files (I’m a PC
      user) and the instructions from WebEx to convert these types of files is to
      download the WebEx Network Recording player, and while playing the video go to
      the File menu, choose Convert and choose a type, I’ve chosen the MPEG4 and
      Windows media types, and each time it converted and saved locally, but when I
      try to open either typein my NLE (Premiere Pro CS4), I just get the spinning
      blue circle, in the lower right of the program is will say Converting (the name
      of the video) but the progress bar will not show any progress, even though it
      allowed me to import into the NLE, and then eventually it will say Not
      Responding, and I will have to close the program. It has become an endless,
      vicious, circle.

      Any ideas of how to get these files into my NLE where I can work with them to
      edit without it crashing the program every time?

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      I think it must be caused by codec issue. You know, although you have converted your ARF file into MP4, the format is mp4, while the codec tends to vary. If the WebEx built-in converter does not work (like this article mentioned: you should use some other video converter to do it, but pay attention you must firstly convert ARF file to WMV with WebEx built-in converter because ARF cannot be transferred directly.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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