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      Is it possible to convert standard footage 4:3 into PAL widescreen. I have some footage that was shot as 4:3 but the client wants it burned to DVD as widescreen. I have started a new project in PR9 as widescreen template and imported footage. I then have to stretch the 4:3 footage to fit into the widescreen format which then blurs the original footage making it look bad. Do i have any options. Also the original footage is imported as an AVI via pinnacle as PR9 doesn’t seem to support the audio on my Dazzle. thanks

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      There’stwo otherways of doing this: croping and scaling. Cropping means you chop of the top and bottom sections. scaling means you add black bars to the sides .you can do this by resizing

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      I’d not rescale anything. Just letterbox it.

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      Letterboxing, in and of itself, does not WIDESCREEN make. Otherwise it winds up with black pillars and bars and only a reduced screen area. What I’ve found is that a vast majority of players available today provide playback that does a fairly decent job of filling a widescreen without pillars or bars, and sometimes if they do occur, minimizing the 4:3 look. Sometimes you can have pizza without making any quota at all πŸ˜‰

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