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      Hello World!

      Can any one help me how I can convert video clips to frames using premier or whatever?

      I am trying to use it as a background image of my 3D animation (Houdini)

      I’d appreciate it if any one can post an example file or video showing step by step procedure.

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      You are going to have to be a little bit more specific. Are you trying to capture a frame as a still?

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      I’ve usedVirtual Dub recently to split a video file into its constituent frames (in .png format).

      Just open up your video file in virtual dub and then go toFile > Export > Image Sequence…

      Virtual Dub works with .avi files so you’ll probably have to convert your video first.

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      Thank you very much for responding.

      I am trying to convert them as same as the original motion picture.

      I need the motion picture to load into my camera setting in Houdini as back ground image of my animated obj. And eventually I am going to render it out to various format, such as mov an etc.

      Some one told me first step is that I have to convert the video file to frames to achieve it.

      Also, I wonder how i can output the rendering to higher resolution to play it in a bigger screen.

      Hope to hear from you. Thank you very much in advance.

      I can upload the mp4 file for you if you can use to demonstrate or you can use one of your example file.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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