Converting files from JVC GY HM 100

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      I’m guessing you need to transcode from the XDCAM format to something else for your NLE. We kind of need to know what your using to be of any help with that.

      The blank post issue is a IE9 issue. I’d recommend downloading Google Chrome and start using that, you’d be glad you did after some time with it.

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      Hi W,

      I am sorry
      about the blank post, here is my original question through Google Chrome (hope
      it works):

      I need to
      convert files shot with a JVC GY HM 100, which are mac native (?) to use in an
      HP with Premier Pro. In my first attempt the audio was lost or out of sync with
      video, even when viewed with a mac book; any suggestions?

      For some
      time now I have done work as field producer, written, and directed (mostly 30
      sec spots and PSAs) for local TV, and participated in a few 30 minute segments;
      but never had to worry much about editing (although I am closely involved in
      postproduction). I have just been invited to co-author a miniseries (8 hrs or
      so) and have 40 hrs of interviews and raw footage which I need to transfer from
      mac native to use in a clone environment, but cannot afford the regular rates
      of the studios I normally use.

      ANY HELP
      would be greatly appreciated.


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      I’m on an HP with CS5. Depends on what version you are working with and how you are importing the file. I know there was an issue with CS5 causing audio to be out of sync on XDCAM PRO RES files but that was fixed in the update 5.0.2

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