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      When converting an mp3 to wav to put on CD for listening in the car I lose a lot of sound quality – always sounds very muffled, currently use free version of wavpad to convert the sound file and Nero to burn onto CD – anyone any advice on how to improve sound quality?

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      Hey Pedro,

      The version of Nero I own can convert mp3 files automatically, saving you the extra step.

      That being said, mp3 files are actually quite poor in quality. If your mp3 files are any lower quality than 256Mbps for stereo or 128Mbps for mono, you’re going to hear a LOT of compression and sound artifacts in non-computer audio systems. Even at 256 Mbps you’ll still get a little bit of distortion if your ears are keen enough to notice.

      The bottom line is that the less compression, the better. If you’re making a compilation off your own CD’s, you might want to rip them in wav format (and in this day in age, when terabyte computers are getting more and more common, who needs to worry about file size?). If you’re getting them from iTunes or some other download site, make sure you’re getting the best possible quality. Most of these sites will tell you the file quality in advance.

      Hope that helped!

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      As an aside, I think Videomaker magazine had an article on sound this month. Pop by a newsstand and pick up a copy.

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      You can also use FlexiMusic Wave Editor, but if you convert the Wav to Mp3 and back many times, with any software it loses quality.

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