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      OK this one is a head scratcher. I have converted and burned over 400+ DVDs with the samew writter/media/settop player configuration. I repeat… the media, player ,burner are KNOWN to work fine! ( I have tried to get help with this before and all I get is "crappy media….. crappy player…. try another burner…etc.) I know it works…. what my problem is….when I convert a divx movie and burn it the same way as all my others… won’t play. it plays fine on my pc… and fine on my sisters player…. but not in mine… now after i convert these I run them through the dame programs as all my other ones that WORK FINE!!! This has always happened when I convert something. I even downloaded a complete DVD copy already authored (so no converting nessecary) as I thought that might be the issue… still no go……Like I said,,, over 400+ DVD back-ups as well as VHS rips….(some day I’ll get all 500 or so left converted:) but I am at a loss…

      btw… I have tried about 7 different ways to convert/author these… all the same thing….

      any ideas would be wonderful!

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      yeah…. this might be my only solution.. problem is that this has worked so well for everything else….oh well guess it is time to give up. the only reason I need to convert downloaded files anyway is because some of the VHS tapes I am converting are really in bad shape and giving me awful copies… so I download the ones that I can find. (some are pretty hard to find anywhere let alone DL easily!!!) But there really only about 20 or so that I am doing this with… so I guess they will just have to wait until I get my media PC setup and get rid of the settop player all together….

      thanks anyway!

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      I just reread your post and the CBR vs. VBR sentance caught my eye….. I think all my conversions used VBR as far as I remember…. something new to try!!!

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      "compusolver" already touched on this and is 100% correct (as usual). πŸ˜‰

      The 4 biggest things IMO when it comes to DVD playability is:

      Media brand (They are not all the same.)
      Media type: +R or -R (-Rs are more compatibility with DVD players especially older ones.)
      Burning speeds (Slower is usually better.)
      Bitrate type: CBR or VBR (CBR is easier for DVD players to decipher.)

      Unfortunately people (including myself) learn the hard way through trial and error. As for me I always use Verbatim R disks, burn at 2X and always use CBR set at 7000bps. The end results are great and I can honestly say that I dont think I have ever had a problem since I finally settled down with these guidelines. Will this work for anybody else? I guess all they can do is try it and find out. All I know is I never receive anymore phone calls about peoples disks not playing in their DVD players correctly anymore.


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