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Convert VHS to DVD

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    My old VHS is slowly giving up the ghost and so we have decided to move with the times and get one of those DVD/HDD recorder things. The problem is that we have a stack of store bought videos that my kids still want to watch. I’m not looking to start a pirate movie business but I think it fair for me to copy those movies over to DVD for personal use. Does anyone have any suggestions or links that can help? Cheers in advance.

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    Quick and easy.

    Get a product, such as Elgato Video Capture hardware (~$99) and hook you VHS recorder up to your MAC it PC. You’re on the way.

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    You will need a DVD Recorder, and, Grex to transfer your VHS media to DVD.The copy protection I speak of is the macrovision that is causing you not to be able to get good copies of the VCR tapes.I bought a GREX (macrovision remover) for the same purpose

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