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      One thing that I find mandatory on a camera is control l jack. I have been using Sony Digital 8, if I remeber right my sony 8mm, and Hi8 both had control l. In looking at the local stores, I see fewer and fewer sonys have control l. I see some have a mini plug port marked remote, is this the same thing as control l. I use consumer level cameras. I tape local stock car races and sell copies and crash tapes, etc.

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      Consumers rarely use iControl.

      I had a Sony Handycam that I used a iC compatible tripod with, but I guess not many people are using it. That and no other manufacturer wanted to add the lanC ability to their cameras either.

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      It’s a couple of years out of date now but my Sony HC40 has lanc.

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      my hdr hc1 has it and there are a couple of flimsy tripods from sony that have the lanc controller built in. I intend to buy one and hack it to use the lanc controller on a manfrotto tripod.

      In the mean time, i got an older remote from a digital 8 trv 350 that works my new camera, I removed the IR LED from the unit and slodered in a sixteen inch extension wire between the led and the controller that allows me to tape the led to the reciever on the camera and use the remote from behind the camera.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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