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      An interesting iPhone / iPad app has been launched through iTunes
      App store. With iDevCam you can control the virtual camera inside 3ds
      Max! You can move, rotate and drive your virtual camera by simply move,
      rotate or drive your iPhone / iPad.

      No more need of a multi-dollar equipment to control your 3D virtual camera.

      Read more about iDevCam

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I’m having a hard time understanding how this could be beneficial.

      How/why would you use this?

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      In case you want to animate your 3D camera on the fly and real time (to be a virtual cameraman) instead of tweaking camera keyframes inside 3ds Max. Peter Jackson did it in the LOTR I (the cave troll battle scene inside the ruins of Moria) actually not with this app but with a lot more expensive equipment. I think it is a great app!

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      Really, that is cool,.. I want those type of stuff that only iPad or iPhone can control it. Is the app really provides the ability of like using physical hi-def camera?




Viewing 3 reply threads
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