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      I have a current advertiser and he expressed that he wants a contract to sign for his ad space on my Autorestomod program. I also plan to sell more ad space on the show…but I don’t have a contract to smack on the table when we schmoose the client into doing an ad with us.

      Anyone know where I can get an advertising contract template for free?


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      Just google advertising contract template or have your atty draw one up. (or just type it out as you wish). There really is no set template for it. I don’t have my sponsors sign a contract at all. As my show grows, so do does the demand and the rates. I explain this up front and it’s become a good selling point for introductory level sponsors for me. I also don’t add old school spots into my web shows. I work their products or services into the content of the show. This brings authenticity to them and certainly keeps more watching rather than clicking forward or hitting the fridge when a commercial cues them to do so.

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