Contract template and Liability Insurance questions.

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      Im in need of a template for a contract for video
      services. I currently use the release
      form from videomaker, but Im thinking that my jobs should have a formal
      contract with the person paying me. Does
      anyone have any recommendations? Ill
      tailor it to shooting events and youtube commercials for small businesses.

      Additionally, I am in need of general liability insurance
      and possibly professional liability insurance (E&O). Any provider recommendations and/or potential
      issues to look for?

      Thanks for your help!


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      I’ll be happy to share our contract with you if you like. Contact me via email at my first name at I’ll tell you about it specifically when I hear from you.

      As far as professional liability insurance (E&O,) the best deal many have found is through WEVA and the William Buell agency. I recently spoke with a videographer who had just joined WEVA specifically for that service. I don’t know whether the Buell Agency will deal directly with you but it’s worth a try. Alternatively, you might look at the group called WeDJ, which also offers E&O I believe. There may be others who provide this insurance but I haven’t found them yet.

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