[CONTEST] 41 Bolzano ShortFilmFestival

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41st BOLZANO ShortFilmFestival

We are pleased to inform you that the entries are now open!

All competition are riserve for shortfilms completed in the years 2008 and 2009, that have not been entered to the previous editions of the festival. the running time cannot exceed 30 minutes, titles inclusive.

The competitive sections are:

41st Opere Nuove - Festival for Italian short Films

This section is for films of Italian authors or Italian productions. If the language is different than Italian, subtitles in Italian are necessary. Also films of non-Italian authors are eligible if the language of the film is Italian.

6th No Words - International Festival of short films without words.
This section is for films without dialogues. Spoken words and written words are admitted only if they are irrelevant for the comprehension of the story.

5th ShortFilmExperiment.
This section is for experimental films. Dialogues and written words must be subtitled in English.

1st Die kurze Welle
This section is for films in German. Subtitles in English are admitted.

Free entry for all competitions! Total prizes amount: euro 5600

Deadline for all competitions: June 15th 2009

For further information, and for the online-submission of your works we invite you to visit our website: www.bolzanoshortfilmfestival.it or contact us at info@operenuove.it .

Best regards,

The Festival Organization Comitee