Consumer 3CCD material w/ Higher end material

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      I am contemplating purchasing a sub-$1000 3CCD or CMOS now for personal use (no specific model chosen yet), but am planning on purchasing a higher Prosumer grade between $2500-$3000 in about a year for doing some more serious work.

      What kind of success might I have combining material recorded from the two? For arguments sake, lets assume both will be MiniDV, though it is possible one of the two will be HD that supports SD still as well.

      I am wondering if I will still be able to take advantage of the consumer grade 3CCD/CMOS camera by using it as a second camera in a multiple camera shoot in combination with the prosumer camera.

      I do understand it wouldn’t be so black and white and will depend on certain variables. Just looking for some general opinions. Thanks in advance folks.


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