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      I have spent most of the day and a several days last week doing research to determine which camcorder to purchase. I have just about decided on the HG10, but I would like some last minute help before making the purchase.

      My main purpose is to record high school soccer games. I am a high school coach and a teacher. We review the game videos to analyze the games so I would like to have as much detail as possible. We also have a lot of requests from players for highlight videos to send to college coaches and to keep as family videos.

      I also make instructional soccer videos for my players. I am not doing anything on a commercial basis, but I do like to have high quality videos. These are action videos and I usually like to break them down into slow motion and freeze some of the frames to demonstrate skills.

      Most of our games are played at night. We play in stadiums and the lighting is usually good.

      I know that this camera produces AVCHD format. I will be editing with a Mac Pro Intel Dual Processor which currently has 3G of RAM. I plan to import the video using iMovie 08 and then edit with either iMovie 08 or HD6 and then use iDVD to produce the DVD’s.

      I am looking for advice. Is this the best camera and is High Def the best way to go here?

      Thanks for the help!

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