Considerations going from a GL2 to XL2

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      I have been using a GL2 for a couple of years now and mostly shoot pageants, plays, graduations, some weddings, recitals, etc. Thinking about purchasing a used XL2 and am concerned about being able to use both the GL2 and the XL2 for multi-camera shoots and it look right. I use Sony Vegas 8. Does anyone have any similar experiences? I sometimes use up the 40X digital zoom on the GL2 but am I correct in thinking the stock XL2 has up to 20X zoom? Would the picture be a lot better on the XL2 but I might be limited by the wide angle and zoom abilities with the XL2? Please give me your experiences. Thanks.

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    I’ve used both cameras extensively, and they work quite well together! As both are made by Canon, the image from both matches perfectly. The stock XL2 does have a 20X zoom lens, and I’ve never really needed more. The XL2 is a definite step up from the GL2 in quality and options, and would be a great purchase choice to make!

    I’ve filmed several plays and concerts using the Canon GL2, XL2, and XHA1, and they work together beautifully!

    You can learn more about the XL2 at

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    Thanks Ryan, your experience and input is very much appreciated!

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    No problem, glad I could help.

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    I agree with Ryan. I frequently shoot event and wedding video with both a GL2 and an XL1 (very similar to XL2)and am overall very happy with the results. Surprisingly, even with smaller CCD’s the GL2 holds its own with the more expensive XL1. I typically never use the digital zoom function on either camera, though, so no input on that aspect.

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    Hey, thanks both of you. I just purchased a used XL2 and can’t wait for it to get here. I had considered several things to try and capture great sound with my GL2, among them a BeachtekDXA-6HD Dual Hi-Definition Audio Adapter, a RodeNTG-2 Battery or Phantom Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone, and a SennheiserEvolution G2 100 Series – UHF Lavalier System. Tell me if I figured wrong, but won’t the XL2 eliminate the need for the first two? Will the shotgun mic on the XL2 be sufficient? What do you think?

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