Confused on GS500 mic input

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      My goal is to use two ATR55 mono mics into the mic input on the side of the camera. One for left channel and one for right channel.

      Does anyone know what the wiring order is for the 1/8″ male plug that goes into the camera? Is it a standard order for most video cameras?? Like maybe common ground for the tip, then first connection is left channel and second from tip is right channel?

      OR…. If anyone knows where I can get a stereo male to two mono female adapter, please clue me as I am just planning on making my own if there isn’t such a creature.



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      You’ll need some sort of XLR to 1/8″ adapter. I’d suggest BeachTek’s DXA-2s. If you need more than two mikes then hook them to a Mackie mixer (we use the 1402-VLZ Pro) and run the XLR outputs from the Mackie into the BeachTek. The sound is impressive.

      David Franz

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      good god. Surely there is an adapter cheaper than $200.00 that will accomplish this purpose???? The ATR55’s are 1/8″ mono males.

      I appreciate the suggestion but good lord…

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      Ok, I went ahead and figured this out. I got a stereo headphone splitter from local Radio Shack and cut off both female ends to expose the wiring. Black red and white wires on each split.

      I found that the shoulder(closest to the cable) of the 1/8″ male is the common for the GS500. The tip of the male headphone adapter is the white left channel and the next slot is the red, right channel for the GS500. Also, the shoulder of the mono ATR55 is also the common with the tip of the ATR55 being the active signal.

      This is the setup for the GS500 anyway.

      So I got a couple female mono ends and soldered the white from one of the splits to the connection on the mono female to align with the tip of the male ATR55. On the other split, I soldered the red to align with the tip of the other male ATR55. This creates a nice way to get stereo separation onto the audio of the GS500 if you have a use for it in this configuration . And I do.

      Total cost for parts about $10.00

      Hope this helps someone else in the future.


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      Glad you found a solution that works for you and the ATR55 unbalanced singnals.

      For others who have balanced mics and need a camcorder XLR adapter, here’s a summary of what I’ve found: – Mounts to camera. Various passive adapters. Some with phantom and audio meter. New unit with preamp. – Mounts to camera. All include preamplifier. Options include phantom, 2-4 XLR inputs, audio meter. Lots of interesting info on website. – Doesn’t mount to camera, and no phantom or preamp option. Option for 3 XLR input. Plastic case. – Mounts to camera. No phantom or preamp option. 1 and 2 XLR input options.

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      I’m sorry that you found my suggestion so outrageous.

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      ehehe, no offense Dave. Its just not what I was expecting. I fixed my issue nicely for about 10.

      I like those 200.00 adapters, they just aren’t in my cheap arse budget right now. I’d rather spend that 200 on an H2 and not have to worry about adapters.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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