Confused about what kind of camera I should buy

Anonymous (not verified)

I am looking to buy a new prosumer level camera to shoot local tourism videos and weddings and conferences. So kind of a wide-range. I also want to buy something that will be relevant and practical for several years.

I've been asking some friends for advice and one says I should stick with Sony. One says I should stick with Panasonic. One says I should get HDV. Another few says STAY AWAY FROM HDV FOREVER ITS THE DEVIL (His words, not mine).

I don't really understand the difference between HDV and DVCPro HD or what is so wrong with HDV.

I don't know if I would be okay with a $2000 camera like the Sony HDR-FX7 or if I should go all out and look for a used HVX200 kit.

I also don't know if I should look only at flash drive cameras or tape cameras.

The HVX200 looks so practical because it records to P2 cards *or* tape *or* a firestore drive. Some of the kits I've been looking at include some P2 cards and even firestore drives.

But would it be more economical/practical to just go with a traditional tape camera?

I DON'T KNOW and feel so overwhelmed. I would appreciate honest feedback if anyone can help me. Thank you!