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      I know this question has probaly been asked and bumped around a thousand times but this is my first time.

      I have an Osprey 100 capture card that I bought in 2002 to capture analog video from my Sony Hi8 TRV43 camcorder. I am once again trying to capture video from old tapes so I can put this thing away and move on with my newer DV camcorder.

      I am just so confused over what settings I need to use in programs like Ulead Vidoestudio, Roxio or MovieMaker. I am not trying to create a masterpiece I just want to get the video off the camera and in a AVI or Mpeg file so I can put it on a DVD.

      I have downloaded and installed all the lastest drivers for the card and have a the current updates for my programs and operating system. I also know that I will capture the sound using my sound card.

      I know this is not an easy question but can someone please help me.

      The Osprey card uses the video formats listed below:
      Video Formats:
      Packed: RGB32, RGB24, RGB16,
      Grey8, YUV2 (4:2:2), YUV (4:1:1)
      Planar: YUV12, YUV9

      Sony TRV43 spec are:
      Image device 320,000 pixels (effective approx. 200,000 pixels)
      Audio output: Mono

      My Computer spec:
      P4 3.2 GHz
      2MB memory
      ATI Radeon 9250 AGP 128 MB
      Windows XP Srv Pk 2
      2x400GB WD harddrives

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