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      Guys not a major concert (Want to head in that Direction) but I have been asked to video a new years event in South Beach. A portion of the block will be blocked off and I am setting three cameras to cover this events. Two are HD, one is SD. My quesiton is the following since the event will happen at night.

      Best camera to use…I am considering the Panasonic AG-HPX370 mainly because I need rich colors.

      and speaking of colors how to make sure that in post I can enhance what is already there. Since this is a small area I won’t be using a Jib rather all cameras will be on tripods.

      I also need information on the post production of this event, as the event manager wants to sell the DVD, so I am not sure on the pricing for this events So, the next question is what does a prince for such an event run?.

      Thrid question is, It’s live and but there will be post production work. So I need to have an idea on getting the best live audio and and sync with the video.

      Currentlly I use Premiere as my editor.

      So, Best Cammera so concert event…Color is very important

      Pricing for such events

      Best method of getting the live audio…

      I can be email directly to

      Thanks for anyhelp that you can provide….


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      Grinner Hester

      You’ll pull audio from the house. Your camera selections are totally up to you. As you said, you’ll be tweeking and matching colors in post. Pricing for this ranges from nada to seven figures. This is between you and your client. Think of your costs and time and do the math depending on your normal hourly rate.

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      Than you Grinner….I know that it might be a little cheassy but I will be using an Edirol Field recorder connected to an output of the sound mans equipment…is there another option that would provide a better in post.?

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