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      I am starting a thread about suitable workstations for running Liquid. Please post your thoughts and comments here.
      (This is sort of a copy of the thread that I started over in the AVID forum, but these days one does not know whether Liquid is considered AVID or Pinnacle, since AVID shifted Liquid back to Pinnacle, yet Pinnacle is owned by AVID.)

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      Even though I started this thread, I did not feel it appropriate to state my own opinion in the root post, but rather to "reply" to the topic. By the way, this is a copy of the post that I put up over at the AVID forum, but it applies equally well here for Pinnacle LIQUID.

      The VES/Delta workstation is an amazing piece of technology. It all came about when, a year ago, I had acquired an Academic copy of Media Composer at the Univ Film & Video Assoc annual conference (note that I am an Adjunct Professor, amongst other things) and found it frustrating to find a suitable workstation to run it on. Eventually, I contacted some colleagues who made their living taking care of studio installations. One thing led to another, and we all agreed that there had to be an easier way to edit with AVID products, so we created the ultimate editor’s dream machine (for editors who were too busy editing to play computer geek).

      Hence, the creation of the VES/Delta 1000. Designed literally from the ground up with all of the right stuff to enhance Media Composer and/or Liquid (Liquid is easier to satisfy from an engineering standpoint, but we wanted to cover both applications because you never know when a project might require the other; or a professor might have to teach both). It was designed as a complete, turnkey system including peripherals, so that there would be no issues over selecting the best monitors to interface with the Nvidia graphics card. All the software is installed at the factory by the engineers so that dumb editors like me will not muck things up.

      In fact, we created the RED Disk kit which essentially is a special DVD that uploads, installs, and configures all of the System Drive software such as Windows, AVID or Liquid, utilities, etc. including licenses, authorizations, validations, updates, etc. perfectly onto a drive. Later on down the road, should the computer do what most computers do — slow down due to corrupted files, lost drivers, internet infestations, or whatever — all the end user has to do is to pop in the RED Disk kits and walk away for a little under an hour. When you return, it is like having a brand new computer again. Heck, I have waited more than an hour just for telephone Tech Support to call me back, let alone actually fix anything. This concept is truly an editor’s security blanket.

      Details are over at the website: <;

      Before you all flame me for promoting a system that I have a stake in, please understand that it all came about to solve a problem for plain folk like me. I think the fact that we are taking a new approach to the PC, in essence, G5’ing it, and solving the software maintenance issues that have plagued end users in the past is a good enough reason to post info about it here.

      And you are all more than welcome, in fact, encouraged, to talk about your own editing hardware solutions in this thread.

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